International Enrollment Management Work Group

Vision Statement

UMBC is an ethnically and culturally diverse community that welcomes and celebrates our international students, both as gifted scholars with a passion for learning and as future global leaders. Their intellectual curiosity, dedication and rich range of cultural perspectives and ideas expand and enrich the overall educational experience of the entire UMBC community. A strong and successful population of international students enhances UMBC’s global reach and recognition as an internationally distinguished research university dedicated to cultural and ethnic diversity. These students also contribute financially with out-of-state tuition and, ultimately, as valuable alumni and influential leaders in their home countries. Our vision is for UMBC’s international student population to feel welcomed, supported, properly advised and fully integrated into the university community, from which they would graduate and support as successful alumni.

Group Members:

Jill Barr – Graduate School
Dale Bittinger – Undergraduate Admissions and Orientation
Dave Di Maria – International Education Services
Sarah Gardenghi – English Language Institute
Kazume Hasegawa – Professional Studies
Michelle Massey – International Education Services
Yvette Mozie-Ross – Enrollment Management
Lori Smith-Watson – Undergraduate Admissions and Orientation
Miriam Tillman – Marketing and Creative Services
Gay Warshaw – Graduate School