Welcome to UMBC Enrollment Management!

Our Mission:

Enrollment Management is dedicated to providing our constituents the highest level of quality and innovative enrollment services. Our responsive and personable staff supports and engages our students from recruitment to graduation, promoting their academic and personal success.

Our Organization:

Enrollment Management consists of Undergraduate Admissions and Orientation, Financial Aid and Scholarships, Academic and Pre-professional Advising, Registrar, and the Office of Enrollment Management. Learn more about our organization.

Undergraduate Admission and Orientation

The Office of Undergraduate and Orientations is responsible for the recruitment and admission of new first-time, first-year and transfer students to support the university’s enrollment goals. Additionally, the office facilitates the onboarding of new students through new student orientation programs.

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Financial Aid and Scholarships

UMBC offers a range of financial aid and payment options so that all students may benefit from a UMBC education. The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships is responsible for the administration, awarding and general oversight of student financial assistance programs including the promotion and delivery of financial literacy education.

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Academic and Pre-professional Advising

The Office for Academic and Pre-Professional Advising (OAPA) provides advising services to exploratory (undeclared) and pre-professional allied health students (such as nursing, pharmacy, physical therapy, etc.). Additionally, OAPA supports students who are facing academic difficulties through specialized and structured advising support.

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The Registrar’s Office facilitates the enrollment of students through course registration and is responsible for the overall management of student records including grades, degrees and transcripts. Additionally, the Registrar’s Office supports¬† the academic colleges and departments through course scheduling and catalog management, to name a few.

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Enrollment Management

Enrollment Management supports the University enrollment goals by providing direction and coordination (administrative, business and operational) of the efforts of the Enrollment Management units (including Undergraduate Admission and Orientation, Academic and Pre-professional Advising, Financial Aid and Scholarships, and Registrar) in achieving these goals.

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Who Are We?

We are a diverse organization made up of people with different passions, likes and interests. These differences keep our work interesting and helps drive our creativity and innovation. Never a dull day! We invite you to learn more…



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Our Commitment:

Enrollment Management provides critical and time sensitive services to members of our community including internal and external constituents. Rare and unforeseen circumstances may occur which could impact delivery of these services. In the event of such occurrences, we are committed to being prepared to promptly resume critical operations, minimizing the impact of these disruptions on our constituents. Members of the UMBC community can be assured in knowing that our business continuity planning has prepared us well to sustain critical services without significant disruption. Learn more about our commitment.