SA Advisory Groups

SA Post Production Advisory Committee (PPAC)

A forum for functional units to share business processes, best practices, and interdependencies as they relate to the student information system.

Mona Ahmad – The Graduate School, Technology Coordinator
Kenneth Baron – Office of Academic and Pre-Professional Advising, Assistant Vice Provost
Jill Barr – The Graduate School, Senior Assistant Dean
Dale Bittinger – Office of Undergraduate Admissions and Orientation, Assistant Vice Provost
Andrea Brooks – Office of Undergraduate Admissions and Orientation, Associate Director of Admissions
Molly Burdusi – Enrollment Management, Quality Assurance Specialist
Ralph Caretti – Enrollment Management, Director of IT Systems and Services
Arnold Foelster – Division of Information Technology, Director of Enterprise Applications
Diana Spakes – Financial Services, Assistant Director
Pamela Hawley – Registrar’s Office, University Registrar
Andrea Cipolla – Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships, Director
Mona Ahmad – The Graduate School, Technology Coordinator
Yvette Mozie-Ross – Enrollment Management & Planning, Enrollment Management, Vice Provost
Connie Pierson – Institutional Research, Analysis and Decision Support, Associate Vice Provost
Gregory Saba – Student Business Services, Director
Nate Czarnota – Registrar’s Office, Associate Registrar for Systems Development
Cory Ziegenfuss – Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships, Associate Director


SA Academic Advisory Committee (SAAAC)

The SA Academic Advisory Committee (SAAAC) was established by the Provost to facilitate faculty input for ongoing SA development enhancement. The SAAAC myUMBC group provides updates on ongoing SA initiatives. SAAAC membership includes:

Kenneth Baron – Office of Academic and Pre-Professional Advising, Assistant Vice Provost for Academic Advising
Emily Abrahms-Stephen – College of Engineering and IT, Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Student Services
Michelle Bulger– Natural and Mathematical Sciences, Academic Advising Coordinator
Ralph Caretti – Enrollment Management, Director of IT Systems and Services
Arnold Foelster – Division of Information Technology, Director of Enterprise Applications
Pamela Hawley – Registrar’s Office, University Registrar
Nathaniel Czarnota – Registrar’s Office, Associate Registrar
Collier Jones – Division of Information Technology, Campus Portal Architect
Kevin Joseph – Division of Information Technology, Director of Business Intelligence
Joseph Kirby – Division of Information Technology, Assistant Vice Provost
Amanda Knapp – Undergraduate Education, Associate Vice Provost and Assistant Dean
Yvette Mozie-Ross – Enrollment Management & Planning, Vice Provost
Robert Carpenter – Provost, Associate Provost/Deputy CIO
Jack Suess – Division of Information Technology, Vice Provost
James Hamilton – Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Academic Advising Coordinator
Dawn Biehler – Geography and Environmental Systems, Associate Professor
Jonathon Kindred – Athletics, Physical Education and Recreating, Assistant Director
Kandace Racine – Natural and Mathematical Sciences, Academic Advisor
Helena Mentis – Division of Information Technology, Professor