Exception to Enrollment Policy

In accordance with university policy and procedures as outlined in the university catalogs, students who register for courses at UMBC are responsible for managing their registration and following appropriate enrollment procedures and deadlines, including online termination of course(s) or semester registration if discontinuing enrollment at the university. Click here for more information.

However, we understand that students sometimes find themselves in challenging circumstances that may have suddenly disrupted their enrollment (e.g.: military deployment, personal medical and health concerns, including mental health, and death of an immediate family member) . In such cases, students may submit a Request for Exception to Enrollment Policy for consideration for an enrollment adjustment, such as late term cancellation, late drop or late withdrawal.

The University takes requests for exceptions to enrollment policy seriously. The University will consider exceptions to enrollment policy involving extenuating and unpredictable circumstances and when accompanied by required supporting documentation.

This process is used by students to request an exception to one of the following enrollment policies:

  • Last day to cancel enrollment
  • Last day to drop course(s) without a “W”
  • Last day to drop course(s) with a “W”
  • Last day for term withdrawal

Exception to Enrollment Policy Request FAQs
Exception to Enrollment Policy Form (You must use your myUMBC login to access this form.)

Note: To request an exception to academic policy, including last day to add course(s) and course repeat, please complete the appropriate form available through the Office of Academic Policy and Standards Administration at Undergraduate Petitions.