Articulation Workgroup

UMBC welcomes over 1,300 transfer students each year and enjoys strong partnerships (i.e. program-to-program agreements) and collaborative relationships with two and four-year institutions. In addition, we have established relationships with high school programs and other partners. The campus-wide Articulation Work Group facilitates such partnerships to ensure proper academic preparation and planning and transfer students’ seamless transition to UMBC. Additionally, in accordance with COMAR regulations new or revised program proposals must be accompanied with at least one articulation agreement. For more information visit the New Academic Program Approval Guidelines.

Departments interested in participating in articulation agreement development should initiate a proposal with their respective Dean’s Office. Proposals approved by the Dean’s Office should then be submitted through UMBC’s Partnerships database. Need help submitting a proposal? Use this guide or contact Nathan Fanning ( 

For more information about established partnerships, click here.


Dale Bittinger – Undergraduate Admissions and Orientation, Chair
Nathan Fanning – Undergraduate Admissions and Orientation, Co-Chair
Yvette Mozie-Ross – Enrollment Management
Krista Wallace – College of Engineering and Information Technology
James Hamilton – College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
Julie Crosby – College of Natural and Mathematical Sciences
Beatrice Lauman – College of Natural and Mathematical Sciences
Chelsea Moyer –  UMBC @ Shady Grove
Ciera Clay Valian – Registrar’s Office
Laila Shishineh – Undergraduate Academic Affairs
Desiree Sterling – Academic and Pre-professional Advising


UMBC Program Articulation Agreement Development Process
UMBC Equivalency and Planning Guide Template
UMBC 4 Year Program Articulation Pathway Template
AACRAO’s Guide to Best Practices: Articulation Agreements