Course Demand/ Enrollment Pressure Request

To ensure adequate course availability to facilitate students’ timeliness to degree completion, undergraduate courses are routinely monitored by the department, the college and the Course Demand Committee to assess course utilization, demand and availability. While primary focus is on first- and second- year courses and other high demand courses that might affect incoming freshman and transfer student enrollment, consideration will be also given to upper-division courses that may be affected by enrollment pressures. For more information click here.

Form used by academic departments to request additional seats/sections of courses due to increase in enrollment (Note: This applies to COEIT academic departments only):
Course Demand Review, Assessment and Recommendation Process
Points for Consideration When Reviewing Requests for Enrollment Pressure Funding
Course Demand/Enrollment Pressure Course Audit and Transfer of Funds Process
Course Demand/Enrollment Pressure Request Form (You must use your myUMBC login to access this form.)