Resources and Forms

For Students:


Comprehensive information about academic programs, policies and requirements for undergraduate students can be found in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Comprehensive information about academic programs, policies and requirements for graduate students can be found in the Graduate Catalog.

Readmit/Reinstate, Academic Suspension & Dismissal

Applications for discontinued students and students seeking to return to UMBC after academic suspension or dismissal can be submitted on Undergraduate Admission Applications page, and a description of the Readmission and Reinstatement of Former UMBC Students policies can be found here in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Exception to Enrollment Policy

We understand that students sometimes find themselves in challenging circumstances that may have disrupted their enrollment (e.g.: military deployment, personal medical and health concerns, including mental health, and death of an immediate family member). In such cases, students may submit a Request for Exception to Enrollment Policy for consideration for an enrollment adjustment, such as a late term cancellation, late drop or late withdrawal.

To request an exception to enrollment policy, including last day to drop course(s), last day for term withdrawal and last day to cancel enrollment:
Exception to Enrollment Policy Request FAQs
Exception to Enrollment Policy Request Form (You must use your myUMBC login to access this form.)

Note: To request an exception to academic policy, including last day to add course(s) and course repeat, please complete the appropriate form available through the Academic Success Center at Undergraduate Petitions.

Privacy and Release of Records

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) protects the privacy of students by prohibiting the disclosure of personally identifiable information and other information contained in the student’s education record.

For more information about privacy and release of records at UMBC, visit the Registrar’s website.

Students may grant others access to their records by using the Profile Sharing feature in myUMBC.

To authorize release of information to a third party, complete the form located on the Office of the General Counsel website.

For Faculty/Staff:

Course Demand/ Enrollment Pressure Request

Form used by academic departments to request additional seats/sections of courses due to increase in enrollment:
Course Demand Review, Assessment and Recommendation Process
Points for Consideration When Reviewing Requests for Enrollment Pressure Funding
Course Demand/Enrollment Pressure Course Audit and Transfer of Funds Process
Course Demand/Enrollment Pressure Request Form (You must use your myUMBC login to access this form.) Note: This form is currently only available to COEIT departments. All other departments should work directly with their department chairs and college leadership to address specific course demand needs.

Articulation and Partnerships

UMBC welcomes over 1,600 transfer students each year and enjoys strong partnerships (i.e. program-to-program agreements) and collaborative relationships with two and four-year institutions. In addition, we have established relationships with high school programs and other partners. The campus-wide Articulation Work Group facilitates such partnerships to ensure students’ proper academic preparation and planning and a seamless transition to UMBC.

UMBC Program Articulation Agreement Development Process
UMBC Equivalency and Planning Guide Template
UMBC 4 Year Program Articulation Pathway Template
UMBC Master Articulation Agreement Template
AACRAO’s Guide to Best Practices: Articulation Agreements

For more information about established partnerships, click here.