Course Demand

To ensure adequate course availability to facilitate students’ timeliness to degree completion, undergraduate courses are routinely monitored by the department, the college and the Course Demand Committee to assess course utilization, demand and availability. While primary focus is on first- and second- year courses and other high demand courses that might affect incoming freshman and transfer student enrollment, consideration will be also given to upper-division courses that may be affected by enrollment pressures. For more information click here.

Course Demand Committee Members

Yvette Mozie-Ross – Enrollment Management, Chair
Ken Baron – Academic and Pre-Professional Advising
Emily Abrams-Stephens – College of Engineering and Information Technology
Michelle Bulger – College of Natural and Mathematical Sciences
Jennifer Moser – Division of Information Technology/ REX
Tim Lynch – Division of Professional Studies
Drema Wentz – Office of the Registrar
Ana Oskoz – College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences