Enrollment Management Group

The Enrollment Management Group monitors enrollment data, assess/analyze enrollment trends, and develop and implement strategies to meet institutional enrollment goals.

Members are responsible for providing data from their respective areas to support group decision making. Members are also responsible for implementing and operationalizing strategies in their units.

Group Members

Yvette Mozie-Ross – Enrollment Management, Chair
Kenneth Baron – Office for Academic and Pre-Professional Advising
Jill Barr – Graduate School
Emily Abrams-Stephens – College of Engineering and Information Technology
Dale Bittinger – Undergraduate Admissions and Orientation
Dave Di Maria – International Education Services
John Fox – Residence Life
Sarah Gardenghi – Division of Professional Studies
Andrea Cipolla – Financial Aid and Scholarships
Pam Hawley – Office of Registrar
Kristy Michel – Finance and Administration
Beth Jones – Division of Professional Studies
Ana Oskoz – College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
Michelle Bulger– College of Natural and Mathematical Sciences
Elizabeth Regan-Butts – OIA / Marketing and Creative Services
Meredith Purvis – Undergraduate Admissions Marketing
Gina King – Undergraduate Admissions and Orientation
Greg Saba – Student Business Services
Shannon Tinney Lichtinger – Institutional Research and Decision Support
Connie Pierson – Institutional Research and Decision Support